Monday, May 23, 2011

Sports and Prayers

Hello All-

Well, once again we are busy busy busy. A couple of weekends ago, Keegan's softball team played in a 10u tourney and did great! They finished 2nd, which was great because the team we were playing against I think were actually almost 2 years older than us. Church softball has finally started and we are already doing better than last season with 2 wins and 1 loss. Haha, yes last year we did have a sad record. I love being out there with our team, we are all about the same age and really mesh well. I enjoy getting to spend time with other Christian ladies, playing softball and talking about our's always a great stress reliever! Garrett is still playing baseball but it seems the weather slowed us down and we haven't picked back up as strong as we were doing. Garrett seems to love it, but that also depends on what day of the week it is. Brady has decided since he isn't playing softball that he is going to take up golf so we talk about golf, watch golf, he plays golf, we buy golf items, golf golf golf. I should be used to it because my dad is the same way, but I think that's why I dread it. That isn't meant to be ugly, but you all know that saying, " You marry your Dad." Well I definitely did at times...and this golf dad completely. I will say that Brady has made me feel good when he tells me to start playing with him. I would love to but if we both go then we would have to get a sitter and what not, so I think for now I'll stick with softball but maybe one day I will join the hubs on the front 9.

We have had a lot of health scares with different members of our families lately. Mainly with the older generations, but I wanted to take this time to share a little so you all who read this can keep us in your prayers.
Brady's grandparents have struggled a lot with their health over the past couple of years. Mr.McGinty is needing another back surgery because the major one he had a little over a year ago has not been successful like the doctors had hoped for. Mrs.McGinty struggles with stomach and heart problems and it seems the two issues flair up the most when Mr.McGinty isn't doing well. They are both sweet and hard working people, who both would do anything in this world for their family. Please pray for their health, strength-both physically and emotionally, and patience.
My grandma, aka DoeDoe, had 'female' surgery about 3 weeks ago now and overall is doing great but has had some days that aren't comfortable for her. But I think the biggest issue is that she hates to have to sit or stay inside or feel helpless and this surgery, combined with the weather, has made her feel bound to her recliner. Grandma is just too active for that so I just pray that she will be patient with her recovery, continue to stay healthy and on the days she can get outside to not to over do it. Papaw, just turned 80 in March, and he is a ROCK. That man is healthy and strong and I just would like prayers to keep him that way :)
Last but not least, my other grandma- Grandma June, my dad's mom, has been fighting COPD for years now. She is getting weaker by the weeks/months and we are all aware now that any battle with pneumonia may be her last battle. We were told last week that she has some type of fungus in her lungs (hopefully I'm repeating this information correctly) and having already extremely weak lungs, this is very scary. I get sad & scared when I think about her being that weak and the thought of her dying. I have been very fortunate to have had very healthy grandparents since about age 3, so as far as my childhood or adult life I haven't had to deal with the pain of losing a family member so close. However, the older I get I know it's inevitable. Grandma June has always lived 4 hours away and with our busy lives we don't always get to see her and visit like we should. I am trying to figure out when I can get up there before it is too late. Morbid I know but a huge fear. Please pray for her as well!

Thanks for those who read this for praying for everyone. No pictures this post, just words and thoughts.

Have a great week.


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