Monday, May 9, 2011


So since we have been slammed with so much bad weather and rain, Garrett has not gotten to play much baseball, my first softball game was RO, and Keegan's team just played through it... imagine that. Two weekends ago we played in Benton and needless to say the weather was awful. This past weekend Garrett finally got to play baseball Friday night, so we had 2 baseball games and 1 softball game Friday night- in Benton and East End, and then the girls had 3 more games Saturday in East End. However, all the games were very spaced out so we had a LONG day at the ballpark. The championship game started at 10:30 and was an awesome game. It finally ended with 3 extra innings and a total time of about 2 hours. Thankfully we won, because if we would have lost we would have had to of played another game starting at 12:30 am. The girls on Dirt Devils '02 were exhausted. ACTUALLY- The parents were too. I haven't uploaded any photos from any of our recent ball so I am going to post some from the previous weekend and Easter.

Easter was fun. We gathered at noon for a great lunch cooked by Grandma. Canyon, Mali, and Easton hunted for eggs and played outside, while most of the adults layed around with stuffed bellies. I wish Keegan and Garrett were with us but they were at their mom's. Allison did send us a picture via text and of course they looked great in their Easter outfits. And then after we got the kiddos back we got to close the day with a great dinner at Donna's!

Easton has learned to 'wink' and this is him trying do so. HAHA so cute.
Pops getting some love.

And this is Easton showing us how he whistles. He taught himself this little trick.

Well other than ball and ball and ball and oh yeah, more ball, our family really hasn't been up to much. We had a great day yesterday for Mother's day. We started the day we brunch at Ed and Kay's with Brady's family and ended the day at my mom's eating hamburgers and 4 different desserts. We are so lucky and blessed to have such a great family all around and that we all live local and can see everyone for pretty much every holiday. Between the two meals Brady and Easton stayed at home and let me go get a pedicure and manicure..much needed. I just wish I could have sat in that chair longer and gotten a better back massage haha. Anyway, we are off to another busy week... FBC Women's church softball starts tonight, we have practices all week with the kids, Mali's dance recital and a softball game Friday and a tournament this weekend. I need, no, we need a vacation!
I'm going to close this post with a precious picture of Easton. He has really gotten attached to two things lately, his blankie and his paci, however, he is in love with any type of ball too. So this look is very typical right now, and of course, I love it.

 Have a great week...


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